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Amazon Creek  

The mileage from Cnidus to Yedi Adaları is approximately 32 NM with the wind often from the port (left) quarter and sometimes fresh which will take you around 5 to 7 hours.  It is worth leaving early to get to Yedi Adaları in good time. There are anchorages at Mersincik 10 NM from Cnidus, but is only really ideal in good weather as a swell can work round the headland and depths are deeper than normal.  

Yedi Adaları are a group of small islands creating some protection from the prevaiiling winds and swells.  There are several anchorages you can use, but the best and most romantic bay is an inlet called Amazon Creek (see the chartlet to bottom left for the location). This is a bay offering shallower depths and   heavily wooded hillsides reaching down to the waters edge.  You will definitely enjoy this anchorage.  There are no restaurants here and you will need to eat aboard.

You can anchor on the western side of the bay using the headland as a breakwater.  Ideal for short stops and quick swims.  There is also the port of Körmen around 7 NM further eas from Mersincik.  This is a double harbour with break waters and was built for a car ferry service from the Datça Peninsula to Bodrum.  So stopping here is fine but ensure you moor or tie up close to the restaurant to leave space for the ferry.  Check for mooring lines but it is likely you will need to go stern too using your anchor.

Sunset in Amazon Creek

Bow jumping

Mersincik anchorages

Körmen anchorage

Amazon Creek anchorages