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Bodrum town

Is a lively centre for tourism and possesses a large harbour that has a wide range of various styles of vessels within its confines.  Bodrum also boasts a lively night club scene which is renowned for its noise and bustle.  However the centre has a maze of bazaar like streets offering immense souvenir opportunities.  There are so many restaurants to choose from, but one of the best noted is Kocadon which is also only a  5 minute walk from the marina.  In front of the old stone house you can sit by candlelight under banana trees and enjoy the romantic atmosphere.  It is wise to make a reservation if you want to enjoy the restaurant. +90 252 316 3705 or e-mail: rest@kocadon.com

Mausolus enclosed his capital at Halicarnassus with great circuit of powerful defence walls studded along with watch-towers at regular intervals, along with three separately walled citadels; and one of these en-cientes was on the ancient acropolis hill at the north-western angle of the land-walls; the second was on the promontory at Salmacis, which formed the western horn of the crescent-shaped walled port; and the third was the 'King's Castle', on the offshore islet of Arconnesus.  Mausolus also adorned Halicarnassus with splendid edifices to suit its new role as capital of the Carian Kingdom, erecting a royal palace, several temples, a theatre, an agora and other public buildings and also beginning work on his great funery monument, the Mausoleum.

Ancient Halicarnassus (Bodrum) being a loud but friendly modern city has much history to its past.   Herodotus was born in ancient Halicarnassus c. 484 BC and was said to be from a prominent Halicarnassian family.  It is also said that Herodotus was closely related to Queen Artemisia.  Artemisia I commanded a Carian contingent in the Persian fleet, and their audacious exploits were described by Herodotus in Book VII of his histories: "They were the most famous in the fleet, after the contingent from Sidon, and not one of the commanders gave Xerxes sounder advice than she did".  

The greatest period in the history of Halicarnassus came during the reign of Mausolus (377-354 BC).  During his reign Mausolus made Halicarnassus the capital of a Hellenized Caria, and before the end of his reign he ruled from here over a kingdom that included all of Caria, and considerable portions of Ionia, Lycia, as well as the islands of Rhodes, Cos, and Chios.

Mausolium of Hallicarnassus (modern Bodrum) as seen in the British Museum

However in 1310 AD the Knights Hospitallers of St. John had conquered Rhodes and built a great fortress there, giving them control of the waters off the south-western corner of Asia Minor, where the Aegean merges with the Mediterranean.  They built the Bodrum fort in dedication to St. Peter and the castle was built largely from the stones of the ruins of the Mausoleum.  The fort today is a museum and there are the finds of two great ship wrecks displayed within its walls.  The most impressive being the "Glass wreck ship of Serçe Bay".

A great new era in the history of Halicarnassus began in 334 BC when the city fell to Alexander the Great.  During the Byzantine period the city literally disappeared from history.  

Statue of Artemisia wife of Mausolus from Halicarnassus

Bodrum harbour entrance

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