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Bozuk Bükü (known as Bozukkale)

The distance from Çiftlik is approximately 16 NM or 10.5 NM from Arap Adası.  Once you arrive at Bozuk Bükü you will be confronted by some amazing scenery and history.   On entering the bay you may find it nice to anchor at the head of the bay to enjoy a swim in the  clear blue waters before selecting the restaurant you wish to overnight at.  You will see 3 restaurants one at the head of the bay known as "Loryma Restaurant", which is apparently under new ownership and has a nice look to it; who also speak of delicious cuisine, which has still to be tried. The other two; one situated midway along the western shore of the bay is called "Sailor's House" and has some quality cuisine for you to sample; there is also a good 35 minute walk to the castle at the entrance to the bay.  The third restaurant is "Ali Baba Restaurant" and is tucked up in the southwest corner with a short walk to the Hellenic fort situated on the western approaches.  These restaurants do not supply electricity however Sailor’s House does have a fresh water hose to top up your tanks.  All the restaurants do supply toilets and showers.  If you are at the two restaurants furthest away from the fort, even though you can walk over some rough terrain, it is worth taking your dinghy round to Ali Baba’s as the walk is only 10 minutes from there and a much easier climb.  You will also find you can get some very good deals with souvenirs, such as good quality wraps and shawls offered for sale from dinghies driven by some local girls motoring around the sound.


This very well protected bay situated on the south west corner of the Bozburun Peninsula was a thriving city and harbour founded around 2,500 years ago in the 7th century B.C.  It is surrounded by city walls built in archaic and classical times.  Above the city walls built during these two periods, the acropolis stands.  The narrow and long fortress on the entrance to the harbour controls the access to the bay.  The houses at Loryma were on terraces along the slopes.  On the plain high up in the west, there is the Artemis Soteria sanctuary.  The necropolis is also on the west of the bay, next to the temple, and stretching towards the south. The Apollon sanctuary is on the plain to the south of the necropolis.

Athenian ships  utilised this sheltered harbour as a base during the Peloponnesian Wars (431 - 404 B.C.)  hiding here for a while on there return from Sömbeki Adası.  Again prior to the Cnidus naval battles in the year 395 B.C., the Athenian Fleet Commander Konon utilised this harbour  as a meeting place to collect his ships.  In 305 B.C. , Demetrios, the son of Antigonus, who was preparing an attack on Rhodes, strengthened his fleet  of 200 warships and 170 transport ships, completing the outfitting of these ships from here.

Bozuk Bükü maintained its importance throughout the Byzantine period as a Byzantine naval base and armoury.  Maintenance of warships was also carried out in this yard during this period.

The main city of ancient Loryma was situated on the mountain sides located at the head of the bay and one can see many pieces of stone blocks and pillar bases.  You can also see the remains of an acropolis wall high on the top of the mountain to the north east.

Romans, Rhodians, pirates and crusaders have all kept watch from the castle's walls and towers over the centuries.

Enjoy an early start by walking up to the fort and taking yourself back in time to imagine those who have been before.  Also marvel at the incredible 360° views over the seas to Rhodes and the bay.

View of Bozuk Bükü (Kale)  from the castle

View towards Rhodes  from the castle

Ancient ruins near Sailor’s House restaurant

Contemplating the day from the castle

Rhodes in distance

View of Bozuk Kale  from seaward on the approach

Fun time in Bozuk Bükü

To the top

The Loryma Acropolis was a naval base and storage place for arms during Byzantine times.  3 churches and many houses were built on the acropolis with re-used material from the antique period.  The city was deserted following the Arabian invasion in the 7th century A.D.

On many charts this bay is marked as Oplosike Bükü which is derived from the Greek word Hoploteke meaning shipyard and therefore would have been a major ship repair and building base and was the harbour of ancient Loryma.