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Byzantine Kekova Cruise - 2 weeks

Overnight mooring with evening meals

Daytime anchorages for lunch

Ancient ruins location

Arrive and join Aventura at Göcek’s Turk Marina settle in then visit the quaint Turkish ambience of their Mecca for yachting.  Browse the small gift shops and pick a sea front restaurant to enjoy your first evening meal under the stars.

Wake up to a sunny  powder blue sky and set sail to your first lunchtime anchorage to sample the warm, clear turquoise blue waters.  Snorkel, swim or canoe around the craggy coastline of Yassica Adaları (group of islands) before lunch then enjoy a lazy relaxing time on deck before sailing across the Gulf to overnight on a mooring buoy in Karacaören Bay and sample one of your first bay restaurants built on stilts over looking Baba Dağ (mountain) and witness flecks of golden rays lighting up the mountain side as the sun sets enjoying a sundowner drink.

Wake early to a refreshing swim of the back of your yacht before breakfast as we have a reasonably long sail to our next destination.  Cruise down the Lycian coast rounding the Seven Capes magnificent but dramatic cliffs that drop sheer to the seas surface.  Anchor off Patara’s pure white sandy beach for a lunchtime swim.  Often you can see dolphins gliding through the water next to your yacht.  Move on to slip into Kaş town harbour. Moor up to meander around the old style streets to soak up the oriental ambience of a truly Turkish town.  You can see Lycian Sarcophagi, over 3000 years old, standing amongst the towns streets.  Or wander up to the small amphitheatre set so that its audiences view is across the bay to Kastellerizo (Greece).

Set sail to snorkel the small archipelago between Kastellerizo and Kaş before moving on to sail into Kekova Roads protected waters.  Anchor off Pölemus then take a walk across the isthmus to explore the ancient city of Aperlae.  Later sample a tasty meal but truly basic Turkish surroundings.  

The next morning you can walk part of the Lycian way to ancient Apollonia and marvel at the ruins with tremendous views to seaward and towards the mountains inland.  Or just sail on down the Roads to ancient Semina (modern day’s Kale Köy) to sample a village that has not really changed in 2000 years.  There are no roads only rocky pathways as streets. Take a walk up to the old castle located above Kale Köy to witness some magnificent views inland and across to Kekova Island.  Watch the sunset then sample the delights of some fabulous Turkish cuisine.

Mosey around the streets again to enjoy the ancient style shops with some quality made garments and gifts of bracelets and the like before motoring over to Kekova Islands northern shores to motor along the full length of ancient Simena as a sunken city.  Then disappear further east to find a small but secluded bay to anchor at overnight.  Enjoy swimming in crystal clear waters then canoe around the edge of Gökkaya limanı’s jagged coastline.  Later take the dinghy and motor into the cavernous Pirates cave located on the Ashil Island.

Finally enjoy your own meal onboard Aventura with magnificent views across he bay and watch the incredibly clear starry sky before going to bed.

Start the day just floating in the dead calm water and soak up the warmth as the sun rises then breakfast on board before sailing a short hop to anchor off ancient Andriake’s beach. Then dinghy ashore to walk through the sand dunes that have slowly covered this ancient port.  Explore the extensive ruins now being exhumed to see magnificent buildings being re-built as they were over 2,000 years ago.  The enormous granary built during Emperor Hadrian’s time.  Also see the enormous underground cistern that looks like a cathedral.  Later enjoy an evening meal ashore on the rivers edge before returning to sleep on board at anchor.

Today its time to start the return passage back towards Göcek.  We sail back west and lunch at anchor among the islands between Kastellerizo and Kalkan town.  End the day by mooring in the quaint harbour of Kalkan.  Step ashore to enjoy the Bohemian ambience this little town gives.  Amble through the streets on the steep hillside.  Later enjoy a fabulous Turkish meal from the Samira Hotel and join in with the true performance of an Anatolian dance group followed by a beautiful belly dancer.  It maybe time to try both!!

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Take this time to re-provision Aventura then set sail to return westwards passing Patara beach and the Seven Capes to head for Ölu Deniz area.  Finally we slip into Cold Water Bay and anchor with aline ashore next to the cliffs and cold water spring.  After sampling the cold and warm patches of water and braved the very cold springs it is time to go ashore to feast on a different Turkish meal menu than you normally. Enjoy the meal sitting on the edge of a cliff with stunning views over the bay towards the Seven Capes.

Wake up early to experience a brisk 40 minute walk over the hill from Cold Water Bay to top the ridge and witness a breathtaking view over a fertile plan with an abundance of farms dotted about the valley floor.  Then keeping watch from the nearside hill are 400 or so ruined Greek buildings known as Kayaköy (ancient Levissi).  İf you are early enough you may witness the early morning mist spreading over the valley bottom with the sun beginning to rise over the mountains. Return to Ali’s restaurant to enjoy a fresh Turkish breakfast then maybe some cliff jumping into the sea before moving on. Eventually motor around the headland and anchor off Gemiler Island and witness another ancient ruined city with an incredible covered walkway.  Whilst you are here sample the local delight of a Turkish savoury or sweet pancake known as Gözleme.  Afterwards we set sail to slip across Fethiye Gulf to overnight at Boynuz Bükü’s quiet and peaceful setting amongst the reeds beds and sample another meal sitting by the waters edge as the moon rises over the mountains.

Witness a stunning sunrise from the entrance of the bay before breakfast and a relaxing swim in the warm but very green water.  Fetch some fresh bread baked in the oven from the restaurant.  Set sail to re-cross the gulf to visit Fethiye town.  On the way we will stop off Kizil Adası (Island) for a refreshing swim.  Later in Fethiye wander up to the Lycian Temple Tombs and the large fort guarding the town.  Early evening take a walk to the fish market to enjoy a unique experience in buying your fish, prawns or meat etc. select a restaurant to sit at and wait for the delicious meal to be brought out to you.  Whilst you wait marvel at the local Turkish ambience of music and small trading.

After a short walk around the bazaar for any quick deals you maybe able to secure we set sail back across the gulf to enter the quaint and beautiful setting of Kapi Creek having had a lunchtime swim off Kizil Adası on the way.  Once moored up for the night slip into the clear waters of Kapi Creek and snorkel around the bay or enjoy canoeing the craggy shoreline before a juicy meal in this quiet haven.

In the morning why not walk ten minutes over the saddle of the hill to view the great views offered from Ragged Bay across to the Bey Mountains in the distance.  Also visit the unusual domed ruins located on the flat beach area of Kapi’s bay.  You can also enjoy a paragliding experience from here if you so desire. We then set sail and slip into Tersane Adası small enclosed bay for a lunch and swimming stop.  The island once was the centre of ship building and repairs in Byzantine times so there are many ruins to be explored.  Soon you will set sail and enjoy trying to beat Aventura sailing with a swimming race.  Eventually we will overnight at Tomb Bay’s Nomad Restaurant under the watchful eye of the Lycian Rock, House and Temple tombs of ancient Crya.

In the morning take a short walk to the tombs to see how the Lycian ancestors where laid to rest and also to witness a breathtaking view from the hill over the bays.  Once you return and have had a tasty breakfast it is time to move on, but before we go let the youngsters enjoy some tree swings into the waters of the bay - even the OLDER children can have a go! Today we visit Wall Bay’s beautiful setting with pine trees spreading across the mountain sides like a large carpet. Enjoy lunch anchored in crystal clear azure seas before taking the dinghy around to Ruin Bay’s Cleopatra’s baths where you can snorkel through the ruins.  Later we return to Aventura to do a short sail around the hill to your last overnight stop at Sarsala Küçük’s restaurant where you will witness some stunning sunsets and sunrises.  Once again enjoy a succulent meal looking across the bay to the rambling mountain ranges to the north.

This morning you will take a short local boat ride to catch your transfer over the mountain to Dalaman Airport offering you some stunning views over the gulf and give you some fabulous and long lasting memories of a truly wonderful holiday.

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