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Carian Coast Cruise - 2 weeks

Defneli anchorage Kargıburun


Datça Peninsula

Kos (Greece)

Simi (Greece)




Amazon Creek

English Harbour


Amazon Creek

Gökova Körfezi






Diresek Bükü


Ören Ceramus Akbük Kargı Köyü Ören Ceramus Old Cnidus Kameriye Adası Çiftlik Gerbekse Köyü Ancient Amos Kargıburun Kuruca & Alyar Büküs Kuruca & Alyar Büküs Bencik Köyü Bozburun Arap Adası and Foxy's Fjord Arap Adası and Foxy's Fjord










Keçi Bükü



Bozuk Bükü











Rodos Straits


Overnight mooring with evening meals

Daytime anchorages for lunch

Ancient ruins location

Arrive in Bodrum Marina and join Aventura. Settle in then enjoy an evening meal in Bodrum and stroll through the bazaar.  Or you could visit the old fort of the Knight of St John to see the splendid themes on display such as the “Glass Wreck ship” from  Serçe on the Loryma Peninsula

Start your holiday by sailing to your first lunchtime stop at Kargıburun for some family fun with a swim, snorkel and canoe in the warm clear blue waters of the bay.  Early afternoon set sail down the coastline to your first over night stop at Çökertme village’s Rose Marie restaurant and feast on their delightful cuisine.

Enjoy an early morning swim followed by a steady sail to anchor for lunch off Ören beach (ancient Ceramus a Carian city) and visit the ruins in the valley.  Later slip east along the coast to moor overnight at Akbük under the high mountain ridge of the Menteşe Mountains.

Enjoy a swim in the secluded bay on the headland at Akbük before sailing across the Gökova Bay to enjoy a long anchor in the small group of islands at Sedir Adaları (known as Cleopatra’s Island or ancient Cedreae).  Swim amongst the inner bay area then take a walk to Cleopatra’s beach before walking around the ruins.  Later sail around to the beautifully scenery of English Harbour to overnight in the tranquil setting.

Explore the bay sides of English harbour before taking a quick trip around the headland to Defneli Bay to enjoy a mid day swim. Later sail west around to Amazon Creek to anchor overnight in its stunning and secluded setting and witness a breathtaking sunset.

Start early for a long hall sailing west to the tip of the Datça Peninsular to slip into ancient Cnidus’s southern harbour to savour the delights of the extensive ruins that ramble across the hillside and headland.  Enjoy an evening meal overlooking the ancient site.

After breakfast and a refreshing swim set sail due east along the Peninsular’s southern coastline to Mesudiye and visit the Mezgit Mengen Mill to see how Olive growing was carried out centuries before.  Then sail around to overnight in Datça town’s harbour and enjoy a true Turkish Town.

After a good explore of Datça we sail to a lunchtime anchorage and enjoy the seclusion of Alyar Bükü (Bay).  Later sail with the wind across the Hisarönü Körfezi (Gulf) to moor overnight on Aurora Restaurant’s pontoon in Selimiye, a small Turkish village, and enjoy a sumptuous meal.

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After a breakfast on board and another wander around the village we set sail to sample the anchorage in Bencik Köyü (Creek) to sample the very warm waters there before sailing around to marvel at the stunning scenery around Keçi Bükü and then moor to Orhaniye’s Palmiye Marina’s restaurant pontoon to enjoy a succulent meal.  Later walk the Kız Kumu sand bar before turning in.

Wake up to a stunning early morning scene over the anchorage and explore the Island fort at Kale Adası before sailing onto anchor for lunch off Kameriye Adası (island) to visit the ruins of an Byzantine and Greek community.  Then sail on to Sailor’s Paradise restaurant to overnight and enjoy the quaint location and excellent food.

Enjoy a fabulous morning swim or canoe around the bay and see the unusual fish life that often visits the bay.  Then sail around the end of the Bozburun Peninsular to anchor for lunch between the islands of Kızıl and Kizil and soak up the history and warm clear blue waters.  Later we sail into Söğüt’s wide open bay to overnight on the Octopus Restaurant’s pontoon for another fabulous evening meal amidst the ragged mountains that surround the bay.

Sail around the Loryma Peninsula to enjoy a long afternoon at anchor in the large bay of Bozuk Bükü under the watchful eye of the fort overlooking the bay’s entrance. Afterwards we moor astern to Sailor’s House restaurant pontoon to feast on a buffet style Turkish meal amongst the ruins of what once was a thriving ancient city.

After a walk to the experience the awesome views from the fort’s walls across the bay and straits to Rhodes we set sail to lunch in Foxy’s Fjord and snorkel the deep clear water and see an abundance of sea life just gliding through the sea.   Later we slip round to Çiftlik’s Rafat Baba’s restaurant to enjoy a tasty evening meal and swim off the beach.

On your last day we sail into Marmaris outer bay to anchor of Turunç towns beach to enjoy your final swim and snorkel the rocks off the north shore before finally sailing into Marmaris Yacht Marina.  Enjoy your final evening in a quality restaurant within the marina and visit Marmaris town to sample the maze of streets in the bazaar.

Finally after a tasty breakfast enjoy a swim in the marina pool before catching your transfer back.

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