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Carian & Lycian Coast Cruise - 2 weeks

Datça Peninsula

Rhodes (Greece)



Serçe Limanı Bencik Köyü Arap Adası and Foxy's Fjord Dalyan River Day Excursion Gerbekse Köyü Çiftlik






Keçi Bükü








Rodos Straits


Overnight mooring with evening meals

Daytime anchorages for lunch

Ancient ruins location

Arrive in Orhaniye’s Palmiye Marina and join Aventura. Settle in then enjoy an evening meal and stroll to walk Kiz kumu sand bar.  Visit the island fort to view the beautiful scenery or swim off the islands beach.

Start your holiday by sailing to your first lunchtime stop at Bencik Köyü for some family fun with a swim, snorkel and canoe in the warm  waters of the bay.  Early afternoon set sail across the bay to your first over night stop at the secluded bay of Sailor’s Paradise restaurant and feast on their delightful cuisine sitting on the waters edge.

Enjoy an early morning swim  and canoe followed by a steady sail to anchor in the small anchorage in Panormitis Bay and walk around the bay’s edge to enjoy the quiet peace within the monastery grounds.  Later take a bus trip over the islands high mountain road to marvel at the views across the sea to Rhodes, Tilos and Turkey before descending into Simi town to enjoy a Greek meal over looking the harbour.  Later return to Aventura to relax on deck to a magnificent sunset.

Enjoy a swim and breakfast at anchor before going ashore to visit the monastery’s small museums.  Then set sail back across to Turkey and stop for lunch in Dirsek Bükü double headed bay to snorkel the old Byzantine harbour and beach.  Later sail round to sample the quaint delights of Selimiye village overnight and feast on beautifully prepared food of the Aurora restaurant.

After wandering around the village we set sail to round the Bozburun Peninsular and take a lunch time stop amongst the ancient ruins located near Bozburun town for a swim and snorkel in the clear blue waters.  Later we slip into Bozburun’s town harbour to enjoy a swim from the beach or just meander around the streets and look  for a good deal.

Today we sail around to the large bay of Bozuk Bükü to marvel at the rough terrain that once housed a large ancient city called Loryma.  You can enjoy plenty of fun swimming, snorkelling, canoeing the enormous bay before taking a walk up to the old fort that guards the entrance to the bay and is over two thousand years old.  Return for another meal under the stars at Sailor’s House Restaurant.

Enjoy an early shower amongst the ancient ruins and maybe walk amongst them before cruising down the coast to enjoy a lunch time anchorage under the lee of some fjord like cliff face in a very secluded bay.  Here you can swim in stunning clear blue waters to marvel at the fish life.  Later sweep around to Çiftlik’s Rafat Baba Restaurant to enjoy a special buffet meal sat over looking the bay.

Enjoy a sumptuous breakfast in the restaurant followed by a refreshing swim before motoring around the corner to Gerbekse Köyü to anchor and enjoy some fabulous snorkelling to see some great sea life and walk amongst the ruins of a Byzantine outpost in its time.  Later sail  across to the impressive setting at My Marina near the village of Ekincik.  Here you can sample a delicious and professionally served meal from the marina’s restaurant settled under the steep cliffs behind.

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Wake up and enjoy a relaxing swim of the marina before setting sail eastwards to slip into Fethiye’s Gulf to sail into the quiet enclosed bay of Kapi Creek.  Once moored sit back and enjoy a refreshing cool drink after the longest sail to date. Later dive off the back of Aventura into the turquoise blue waters and explore the under water ruins and frolic around the plentiful shoals of fish.  Later enjoy an evening meal sitting on the shores edge over looking a tranquil setting of the bay.

Enjoy a start to the day with a short walk over to Ragged Bay to savour the delights of the views across the gulf to the Bey Mountains in the distance and the sun shimmering across the gulf’s waters.  Then sail across to Gemiler Island anchor off and snorkel the under water ruins of a once thriving community before sampling the delights of the pancakes made freshly of a local boat.  Later motor around to overnight in Cold Water Bays cold water springs and enjoy sitting at a cliff top restaurant for a delicious meal as the sun sets.

Take an early start to walk over the hill to see some spectacular early morning mist and the sunrise over Kayaköy an ancient Greek ghost town, before returning to Ali’s restaurant to enjoy a free breakfast once again from the cliff top restaurant.  If you feel energetic then maybe some cliff jumping is in order alongside Aventura.  Slip our anchorage to sail over to Butterfly Bays seclusion being encompassed by incredibly steep cliffs all around.  See the sand dune huts and enormous number of butterflies that are often in abundance. After lunch set sail to cruise back over the gulf to overnight in Tomb Bay’s Nomad Restaurant situated on the bays waters edge to enjoy the evening relaxing on board with a sundowner drink reminiscing over the days fun before sampling another Turkish meal cooked in  a stone oven.

We start the day with a short walk up to visit the house and temple tombs of ancient Crya set in the hillside offering some spectacular views over Skopea Limanı (set of bays and islands).  See how the ancients believed a good view after life was important!  For the young element maybe have some fun time with the tree swings into the water on the bay edge.  Later we sail across the gulf to spend the evening sampling the delights of Fethiye town’s fish market experience, something not to be missed.  After your meal see if you can bargain yourself a good deal in the bazaar.

After restocking Aventura we sail back across west to slip into Tersane Islands enclosed bay for a lunch time swim before gently cruising over to Boynuz Bükü.  Maybe we can attempt to race Aventura by swimming faster than she can sail in the light winds.  Once again enjoy a quiet evening meal on the waters edge under the moonlight.

It is now our last full day so off we go to explore the delights of Cleopatra’s baths, some spectacular ruins set in the water on the shores of Ruin Bay.  Where you can snorkel amongst the footings.  Later canoe Wall bays beautiful shoreline before sailing round to Sarsala Küçük’s stunning setting for your last night in Turkey.  Here you will certainly sit back to enjoy an evening sun set on the far mountains rippling away in the distance.

This morning you will take a short local boat ride to catch your transfer over the mountain to Dalaman Airport offering you some stunning views over the gulf and give you some fabulous and long lasting memories of a truly wonderful holiday.

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