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Dalyan River Day Excursion

The day excursion (Food, drink and entry to Caunos and mud baths are to be arranged beforehand and paid for at the time)

Your day starts around 0900 hrs, having had breakfast on your yacht moored in My Marina at Ekincik, then stepping onto  your own Dalyan river boat.  You will first be  taken to see the ‘Blue Cave’ (an archway through the rock face with clear blue and green waters).  

Then on to the Dalyan river mouth where your boat will slide over the sandy bottom and into the river estuary. Ask to see a local fisherman to bring up a Carretta Carretta turtle for you to see and film.  You will then cruise gently through the reed beds to a landing platform at the base of the Caunos ancient town.  

If you have seen the classic film “The African Queen”,  the scenes with Humphrey Bogart and Audrey Hepburn, when they are dragging their boat through the reeds on Lake Victoria’s river estuary, located in East Africa, were said to have been filmed in this location.

Spend an hour or 2 exploring the ancient Caunos which dates back to 3,000 BC and is reputed to have witnessed Hellenic, Persian, Roman and Byzantium civilisations.  You will be able to walk through the ruins of the agora, church, roman baths, fountain, stoa, storehouses, inner city  roads and temples.  You can also sit in the theatre and imagine the plays of long past being re-enacted.  Or climb to the top of the Acropolis and witness some breath taking views over the Dalyan River estuary and plain.

From here catch your river boat to continue on your river cruise up stream to view the famously photographed Lycian Tombs embedded in the rockface.  From the reeds on the river side, you can take your own photographs too.  Arrive at the Sahil Restaurant’s own quayside where you can enjoy selecting your own delicious mixture of Turkish food for a lunch stop.  Afterwards walk through the quaint town of Dalyan or just rest in a Turkish seating area of the restaurant over hanging the riverside and enjoy a quite siesta or play some backgammon.

Later continue your trip up river to Köyceğiz Lake and take a plunge in the green fresh warm water from your river boat before motoring back down the river to the mud baths.  

At the mud baths in your swimming costume, take a plunge into the thick, reputedly,  theraputic greyish mud then in your own time exit to stand in the sun to bake the mud dry before standing in a large communial shower area to wash it off, which gets absolutely everywhere, but great fun for the family.  Then take a dip

in the sulpher pool to wash away any aches and pains you may have.

Now meander back down the river through the reeds to Turtle Beach to enjoy a swim in the sea off a  sandy beach.  This beach is famous for the ‘Carretta Carreta’ turtles who lay their eggs here each year and can be seen marked off by white tape so holiday makers do not disturb them.  Then whilst you dry off, enjoy the delicacy of a crab, each prepared for you by a local fisherman.  After which you will then be brought back to your yacht having had a very full and fun filled day .

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