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Fethiye Town (ancient Telmessos)

The Turquoise Coast’s most central resort and, along with the nearby lagoon of Ölü Deniz, well placed for visiting some of the best of the area’s numerous and spectacular sited Lycian ruins.  Fethiye occupies the site of the ancient Lycian city of Telmessos, and some impressive rock tombs.  The largest Temple tombs are said to be the resting place of King Amyntas a Lycian King from the 4th century BC, and are an easy stroll from the centre which are well worth  closer inspection with some fabulous views over the town and bay. The town became wealthier due to the excavation of a Hellenistic theatre during 1994. Much of the original stone was carried away after an earthquake in 1957, but today it hosts benefit concerts in season, to help raise funds to complete the restoration.  

Spend the evening, before you move on, encountering a truly Turkish cultural experience and cuisine by visiting the Fethiye Fish Market.  Not so special I hear you say, well you’d be very wrong.  Four rows of varying shops create a large squared area, in the middle of which sits the Fish Market closely circled by numerous restaurants ready and willing to cook your fresh products.   Simply buy your fresh fish, succulent king prawns or sumptuous calamari; inform the fish buyer where you are intending to eat.  They will prepare the food for you and take it to your restaurant of choice.  For a small fee, the restaurant will cook the food for you.  The restaurant owners offer you extras such as garlic bread, delicious  mixed salad starters, meze, börek etc, and also hope that you will enjoy a glass or two of wine or beer whilst taking in, musicians playing and singing in and amongst the  hustle and bustle, yet uniquely ambient surrounding area.

Now you can plan possible places to visit whilst in Fethiye, such as the water sculptured Saklikent Gorge – an almost surreal landscape of smooth, high limestone walls twisting along an 18 km path into the heart of the Ak Dağı mountains.  With sturdy footwear, the gorge is passable for only 2 km, but this is long enough to appreciate its stark beauty.  You can also enjoy eating in a typically Turkish seated restaurant before returning to your yacht.

Another area to visit could be Ölü Deniz, which has without doubt, one of the most beautiful settings in Turkey.  Bright golden sands end in a teardrop beach protecting an azure lagoon.  This in turn, is sheltered by a backdrop of fragrant, pine-clad mountains. You could even try the exhilarating experience of paragliding from the top of the mountain. Local dolmuş’s during the season, leave Fethiye approximately every 10 minutes (between 9-6 pm) to Ölü Deniz.  

To the top

Ancient Telmessos  - Fort watches over the town

Fish market experience is a must!

Bazaar streets

Hand gliding - Ölü Deniz

Hamam baths fun!

Saklikent Gorge

Aventura anchored off Fethiye Adası

Lycian Tombs (Kink Amyntas) Fethiye

Fethiye Adası (Island)

As you arrive or just before you leave Fethiye there is a quiet sheltered bay east of Fethiye Adası and you can afford to anchor for a quick swim and enjoy the view towards Fethiye and its backdrop of Baba Dağ and the Lycian rock tombs in the cliffs.

You will find the water here is cleaner than around Fethiye’s marinas.  Often dolphins swim gently fishing within the bay and some of the sunrises are amazing from here.

Slipping into Fethiye Inner Bay

Aventura anchored off Fethiye Adası