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Kaş Town (ancient Habesos and Antiphellos)

Although occupied through the stone age period  it was founded by the Lycian's and it’s Lycian name was Hebesos or Habesa and it became a member of the Lycian League.  The Greeks later gave it the name of Antiphellos due to it being the harbour in front of the town of Phellos.  

During Roman times, Antiphellos was famous for exporting sponges and timber.  After 395 AD the town came under the Eastern Roman Empire (Byzantine) and later the town suffered as a result of many Arab incursions and finally was annexed by the Sultanate of Rüm (Seljuks) in the 12th century (1100’s).  By the 1400’s the Ottomans finally took control.  

In 1923 after the Greco-Turkish War it was agreed to exchange populations from mainland Turkey to Greece and visa versa for the Turks living in Greek areas.  As a  result there are a number of abandoned Greek houses still to be found in the town.

Kaş is built on a mountainside running down to the sea.  The district has a Mediterranean type climate of hot, dry summers and warm wet winters, which allows the growth of oranges, lemons and bananas.  The lowland areas  are planted with cut flowers and a variety of fruits  and vegetables are grown all year round.  The hillsides also produce honey, as does much of Turkey, and almonds.

Kaş has a quaint Turkish ambience and has become a tourist trap, but offers a difference to Kalkan.  A visit to the towns various ancient ruins that can be found throughout the towns centre and walking out along the peninsula to the west you can find a very complete amphitheatre.

The old harbour is well worth visiting with your yacht.  It is much like Kalkan shallow at around 3 metres deep and not very big so prepare your yacht to anchor in 3 metres and only use around 20 m of chain.  Going stern too the quay.  Make sure you have all your fenders and lines ready.  You may find a local restaurateur called “Smilley” is there to greet you and he will let you know whether any tailed moorings are still in place.   Again you will have to pay to stay overnight, but electricity and water are supplied.  You will also have the use of a shower, toilets and a laundry at an additional  price.

The new Kaş Marina is now finished and if you find that you can not get into the old harbour, which is fun - and you will be at the heart of the town, then slip around the western peninsula to head back into the long creek up to the marina.  It is well sheltered and has all the modern amenities of a good marina.  The marina is about a 15 minute walk or a few minutes by dolmuş to town.

If you are an avid diver then Kaş can offer some great dives on interesting reefs and there are some old war wrecks such as an aircraft that crashed during the war nearby so why not stay a day to enjoy a cool day under water.  Or enjoy the high thrills of parasailing from the top of the mountain overlooking Kaş.

To the top

To the top

Kaş harbour and town

Kaş harbour at night

Lycian pillar tomb amongst Kaş streets

Hand gliding above Kaş