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Marmaris is a modern but popular tourist destination for many nations and therefore offers much in the way of souvenir hunting in the great bazaar area near the sea front and port.  There is also a considerable night life to be experienced along the beach area and in "Bar Street".  If you have missed the home delights of a true indian meal during your cruise then you can sample the delicious delights of the Taj Mahal restaurant to be recommended (which is known locally as the Bradford Indian, as the owner and chef are from Bradford in the UK).

Marmaris also possesses 5 main marinas, Netsel (located within the town harbour), Albatross slightly further to the southeast along the shore line about a couple of miles out.  Then still further to the southeast is Pupa Yacht (in the furthest reaches of the inner bay of Marmaris), Marmaris Yacht Marina (is located directly opposite Pupa Yacht on the ithmus to Yıldız).  Then finally Nielsen's marina located on the northern shore of Yıldız peninsula.

Marmaris can offer much for the family in entertainment with water parks, plenty of shopping and many supermarkets for all your needs.   You can if you wish to fit it in, take "Jeep safaris" or see dolphin shows.

You may also enjoy many water sports within the inner bay such as water skiing, parasailing, kite boarding, bannana boat, ringo and many others.

Marmaris in ancient times was known as Physcus and was the most important of all those in the Rhodian peraea, which became a deme, or district, of Lindos in the mid fourth century BC.  The acropolis hill of Physcus was not on the promontory where the fortress now stands, but on a much higher and more defensible hill over a mile to the north.  That place is now called Asar Tepe, and there are still the remains there of Hellenistic fortifications as well as fragmentary ruins from earlier periods.  Other than these nothing remains of ancient Physcus.  Marmaris suffered a large earthquake in 1957 which levelled the town.   The old castle now on the promontory, a medieval fortress completely rebuilt by Süleyman the Magnificent in 1522 when Marmaris served as the principle port for his conquest of Rhodes against the Knights of St. John Order and he mustered a force of 200,000 for the conquest.  It is said that Süleyman was displeased with the design of the fort and was heard to say "Mimarı as" ("hang the architect"), later corrupted to "Marmaris".  Just outside the fortress there is a narrow street where there were 7 small rooms and one large, these were built as a caravanserai of Hafza Sultan with an inscription dated 1545, which supports the theory that the fortress and caravanserai were built at the same time.

In 1798 Lord Nelson's entire fleet sheltered here in Marmaris inner bay before setting out to defeat Napolean's armarda at the Battle of Aboukir Bay in Egypt.  It is also recorded that a major portion of the fortress was destroyed by a French warship in 1914 during the First World War.

To the top

Marmaris quay front

Marmaris new central park

Marmaris quay front - Gullets

Marmaris castle at night

Back of Caravansarai - Marmaris

Front of Caravanserai - Marmaris

Narrow streets to castle

Narrow streets to castle