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The view opens up to an old Turkish village at the head of the bay giving you 6 restaurant or hotel pontoons  to overnight at.  Be aware that although each restaurant will supply electricity and water on their pontoons, it is in fact the Belediyese (village council) that supply it and expect to  pay around 20 - 30  TL.  This is normally collected from you before you leave in the morning.  You may find the young Harbour Master, who is very friendly, may not reach you before you wish to go.  Any restaurant will not charge you for mooring on their pontoon but it is only right and proper that you use their restaurant to eat at.  

One of the favourites is the Aurora restaurant, which offers 10 yacht berths with tailed mooring lines, electricity, water, showers and toilets with hot and cold running water in European standard conveniences.  They offer a laundry service, WLAN and can organise car hire or airport transfers.  Here you can relax in the rustic garden or on the shaded terrace overlooking your yacht or slumber under the shaded lounging area. You can also enjoy swimming from the pontoon in crystal clear blue waters.

Restaurant on the diagram above is Gölge and it is also a Pension.  You will not be able moor next to the restaurant but you can get a mooring on the village harbour pontoon opposite and you can obtain electricity and water for a mooring charge of around 35 TL.  This restaurant is on the water's edge and offers mainly vegetarian dishes and no sea food.  The restaurant supplies its own fresh food products, such as olives, olive oil, cottage cheeses and you will have dishes prepared with fruit and vegetables.

The next restaurant is Laguna Begonvil, on the diagram, offering spaces for up to 10 yachts on a pontoon and quay side with electricity and water.  There are also the normal conveniences of showers, toilets and WLAN.  You are able to enjoy a drink whilst relaxing and sunbathing on the restaurant's loungers located in the garden or on the quay side.  You can also arrange to go fishing in the restaurant's fishing boat with local knowledge as to where to fish.  They specialise in preparing fish cooked in a salt crust - delicious!! Various meats grilled such as lamb, beef and chicken.  Other fish dishes are octopus with almonds, stuffed white grouper and crepes with seafood.

The fourth restaurant is called Selimiye Sardunya.  Here you can moor with facilities for 12 yachts.  They supply tailed mooring lines, electricity, water, showers, toilets and Internet facilities are offered.  once again the restaurant serves good Turkish and Mediterranean food overlooking the bay.

Selimiye in ancient times was well populated and you will be able to see much terracing around the bay’s hillsides some of which are very old.  The people then would have grown olives, oranges, lemons and figs.  There are ruins to be found on a small island to the east of the main village centre and the water around the little island is very shallow.  There is also an old fort located high up in the mountainside to the southeast and was mainly used by the Ottomans.

Selimiye also has a good market on a Wednesday if you are moored up and wish to look for good bargains in a typical Turkish village scene.

Hüseyin and his Swedish wife Suzan are an unbeatable team offering some of the best Turkish cuisine, which are prepared freshly each day and you can select a table on the terrace directly behind your yacht.  It is rated as a first-class restaurant, but you will need to ring ahead to ensure a place on the pontoon.  You are also very close to the village centre.  Their telephone number is: +90 252 446 4097.

Selimiye village and harbour  

Beach front - Aurora   

Sunset over Selimiye  

Early morning view from harbour front

Picnic beach - Selimiye