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The history - is that the ship had set sail in around 1025 A.D from the southern part of the Syrian coast then ruled by the Fatimid caliphs and was carrying a variety of cargoes, including 3 tons of glass cullet in the form of raw glass and broken glassware. The glass cullet was being transported to some small glass factories located within the Byzantine Empire, most probably in either the Crimea or the lower Danube river region.

The ship, only 16 meters long and propelled by two lateen sails, had a flat bottom well designed for river navigation.  The hull, although not well preserved, is an archaeological document of great importance for the history of naval architecture, since it constitutes a very early  example of the employment of geometric formulae in order to achieve the desired hull shape.

Serçe Limanı which is difficult to see from seaward, but once you get closer to the bay the cliffs will part to show you how well protected it is.  Once you enter the bay it is worth turning right and looking for a mooring buoy to pick up.

The restaurant has laid around 15 mooring buoys for yachts and the restaurant's staff will row or motor out to you and show you the buoy for you to use.  You would be wise to prepare a stern shore line which the boatman will willing take ashore for you.  Once you have arrived you can ask to be collected by the restaurant’s boat when you are ready to go ashore and enjoy your evening meal.


This restaurant "Kaptan Nemo's Farm" lies in a well shaded park style area which has a large play ground. There is a small market as the restaurant is serviced by road.  The shop offers organic fresh vegetables, salads, fruits, olive oil and souvenirs.  The restaurant has a good spread of sea food including lobster, mussels, meat balls, goat, lamb and pork from the oven or spit-roasted (which you will need to order a day in advance of arriving).  Telephone number is +90 542 513 7538 and the owner is Mehmet Ilhan.   Once you have returned to the yacht enjoy a night cap lying on deck and listen to the donkeys baying,look  up into the star filled night sky and you will see millions of stars. If you watch long enough you may see a number of shooting stars.

This bay has much evidence of ancient usage.  There was a thriving township on the north west slopes and acted as the port to a town called Taşlica of which Kasara was the port.  In ancient times this bay was a haven of refuge against strong storms and many a vessel through the ages has sought sanctuary within this small bay.  The bay has been found to have at least 5 wrecks on the sea bed from Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine periods.  The most famous of all was discovered by a Turkish diver who found the "Glass Ship Wreck".   The wreck has helped to show how the glass industry worked in medieval times and how it was transported around the Mediterranean countries.  It was raised piece by piece by an American Team from the Institute of Nautical Archaeology in 1977.

The Serce Limanı shipwreck has yielded what is presently the most closely-dated single assemblage of Islamic ceramic, metal and glass wares in existence. This assemblage is making a major contribution toward a more accurate dating of similar artefacts from other medieval Islamic sites and is already revolutionizing our view of a major period in Islamic history.

The display of the Serce Limanı ship, in Bodrum Castle museum, and its contents within the building designed and built for this purpose by the Turkish Government has been a joint project of the Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archaeology and INA.  Additional exhibits devoted to the ship's anchors and rigging and a scale model of the ship complete with her rigging will be added in the near future.

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Mooring area for Kaptan Nemo’s Farm - Serçe

Position of the wreck

A Lateen Sail ship

Amphorae found

from the wreck

Diver over the wreck site