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Evening meal in Marmaris town and the opportunity to look around the Turkish bazaar with stunning views over the eastern end of the bay when the sun rises.

Visit Çiftlik moored at the Rafat Baba Restaurant pontoon having and anchored for lunch in Turunç bay for your first swim in the warm clear waters of the Mediterranean.

Sail  to Bozuk Bükü Bay.  Lunch in Foxy’s Fjord and snorkel the deep clear water and see an abundance of sea life just gliding through the sea.  Overnight at Sailor’s House Restaurant and climb to the fort on the headland of the large bay that housed large navy's of days gone by.  Also imagine the large ancient city of Loryma.

Cruise to Dirsek Bay and enjoy a light lunch before sailing onto Orhaniye’s Palmiye authentic marina to overnight.  Enjoy and evening meal in Keçi Bükü a bay that boasts some of the most stunning views especially early morning and late evening.

Today we anchor for lunch off Kameriye Adası (island) to visit the ruins of an Byzantine and Greek community.  Then sail on to Sailor’s Paradise restaurant to overnight and enjoy the quaint location and excellent food.

Set sail and anchor off Kisneli Adası, in an area that once was a thriving sponge community alongside the quarrying of marble, for lunch then onwards to Serçe Bay. Moor in the bay and visit Kaptan Nemo’s restaurant.  Soak up the ambience of a long ago history where a number of ancient ships finally met their end - especially the famous “Glass Wreck Ship” of Serçe.

Finally enjoy a good sail  northwards to Marmaris Yacht Marina. Enjoy a succulent meal in the Marina restaurant before your next day’s transfer to Dalaman

Southern Carian Cruise - 1 week

Overnight mooring with evening meals

Daytime anchorages for lunch

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Çiftlik Bozuk Bükü Keçi Bükü Serçe Limanı Arap Adası and Foxy's Fjord Diresek Bükü Kameriye Adası Bencik Köyü Kuruca & Alyar Büküs Kargı Köyü Panormittis Greece Datça Town Selimiye Bozburun Söğüt Village Simi (Greece)



Ancient ruins location

Bozburun Keçi Bükü Bozuk Bükü Gerbekse Köyü Ancient Amos Gerbekse Köyü Old Cnidus Panormittis Greece





Keçi Bükü




Sailor Paradise


Bozuk Bükü




Ancient Cnidus

Rodos Strait

Hisarönü Körfezi



Sailors Paradise Keçi Bükü Selimiye Bozburun Datça Town Marmaris Marmaris Marmaris Bozuk Bükü Arap Adası and Foxy's Fjord