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Whet your appetite and dream on with this video!

Family Fun Hands On Time to Relax Thrills & Spills Watson Testimonial We call you,
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Specialise in spring, summer and autumn holidays for everyone including school holidays times, offering holidays during 2014 that are exciting, unusual, and diverse.

Family fun (click to see more)

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Stress free summer holiday with a difference

Are you someone who has not spent time on a sailing yacht?  Are you looking for that different, exciting but unusual summer holiday. Maybe you wish to enjoy a wedding anniversary or  honey moon with a difference!

Then just imagine....

.... A summer holiday on your very own yacht soaking up the sunshine under pure blue skies.  Sailing the warm crystal clear waters of a Mediterranean coastline slipping along a craggy shore entangled with green trees carpeting mountain sides or quietly meandered amongst islands steeped in history.

We have your  tender care in mind!  

Our focus is to guide and help you develop the smoothest, safest, warmest, fun loving and a truly relaxing summer sailing holiday. Treat yourself to that different summer holiday without having to share your yacht, or hotel for that matter.

Your summer holiday takes you to places that can only be visited by boat and it brings you a new swimming pool, each day, edged with an intriguing shore line.  Every evening delivers  you an anchorage or bay restaurant offering mouth watering culinary delights from the orient, that could have been prepared in ancient times.  Overlooking sensational scenes from cliff top restaurants to waters lapping at your restaurant table legs.  

Are you a photographer, artist or rambler and crave for a relaxing holiday but at the same time take in your hobby?  Then enjoy a summer sailing holiday with a difference:

Maybe its a school summer holiday break you are looking for, where you can let the children experience a new found summer holiday.  Let the skipper take care of the children by keeping them occupied so that you can relax and not worry about them!  There is plenty to keep the family occupied from swimming, snorkelling, canoeing, to cliff jumping (safely), tree swings, beating the yacht and much more!!  Let the kids learn some new skills in helping crew the yacht to helming (steering) her.  Maybe some fun handling ropes ad lines.  Teaching them to tie knots in ropes and become budding sailors.

Each day starts leisurely with swimming, canoeing, or snorkelling the bay.  Maybe take a steady walk to view some spectacular scenes and ancient ruins or just wake up to a stunning sunrise and relax soaking up the warmth before breakfast.  Later you can take a short sail to a lunch stop at anchor for more relaxing times or if you would like a more energetic time then maybe take in some of the local water sport activities that are available.  Later  take a steady sail to a new bay and restaurant where you can reminisce over a sundowner of the days experiences before feasting under a star filled night sky!!

So what are you waiting for …

“our one-week sailing trip was a real treat - a cruise to remember.  The transfer to the marina in Fethiye was very well organized by Foxy, as was the whole trip  …”

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Asta & Wolfgang - Germany - 2012

“We enjoyed secluded bays to anchor with rustic restaurants full of character and exquisite food …”

(Click to see more)

Martin & Val - Yorks - 2010

“Thanks a lot for this great and unforgettable holiday.  We wanted to experience sailing, but we got much more …”

(Click to see more)

Desai family - Istanbul - 2013

“This was a superb family holiday.  We could be as active or relaxed as we  chose …”

(Click to see more)

Watson family - Istanbul - 2011

Watson Testimonial Desai Testimonial Asta & Wolfgang Testimonial Family Fun Time to Relax Hands On Thrills & Spills

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The weather, volume of visitors or school holidays will tend to dictate when you can take your holiday.

It could be you have children or you are a couple who just want peace and quiet.

Do you want the heat or a more comfortable temperature?

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About Turkey

Pick of the week

Cold Water Bay - Visit the bay and enjoy the fun of it’s varied shape - the ice cold water interspersed with warm patches - enjoying an evening meal overlooking the bay from the cliff top restaurant - walking to ancient Kayakoy (ghost town) or the fun of cliff jumping into the bay …

Cold Water Bay

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… Our Spring time gift to you!

Special Spring  offer for 2015

Book now before the end of April 2015 for weeks between 30th June to 1st August …